February 23, 2010

hilarious crime busting with COP OUT

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan were put out of post ended beating a big syndicate of Latinos in COP OUT. they are in retrieval of a vintage baseball card that would worth a fortune to provide a proper and beautiful wedding to Jimmy's (Willis) daughter. Morgan on the other hand, struggles with his married life worried about his wife to cheat on the neighbor.

the movie was really funny especially Morgan. Morgan has a lot of laughing stints but i never thought that Bruce Willis could speak in black slang as he sometimes talk with Morgan. adding to Morgan's funny antics is Sean William Scott who happens to have stolen Willis' game card while trading it in a toy store. though there are not much action sequences but you'll enjoy the movie laughing and guessing ways on how Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan beat punky Latinos.

COP OUT will be in theaters on March 3 2010 distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Inc.

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