December 13, 2009

Make experiments using home stuff

science has been very interesting to me especially when i can get a hands-on on every project or experiment. just yesterday, i had the opportunity to observe interesting facts that can be done by just using stuff from home.

Engr. Rolando Moya gave us an overview of the concepts that might be discussed by associating the experiments that are done in the symposium. indeed, the materials can only be found inside your home and they are guaranteed safe. teachers and parents can have fun doing these experiments and translate fun and dirt into interactive education.

first, we found the difference of light from regular coke. we all agree of the difference in the sugar content between the two but we can actually see even the difference in the aluminum content of the can. just place empty cans of regular and light cokes into an aquarium. the light cokes float higher than the regular ones.

next is testing density of a liquid. using different ratios of sugar and water, and add coloring to it, you can see how liquid can push the other liquid up to the brim of a tall glass. this is a very colorful and wonderful science experiment.

another fun experiment is making a Centrum ooze. it is otherwise known as slime used in TV productions. by using glue, water and borax, you can have a gummy and playful material.

the last experiment that we had is by knowing the principle of quick sand by just attaining a right mixture of cornstarch and water.

try those experiments and more at home. and for more educational and fun stuff, you can visit the Philippine Science Centrum located at the back of Riverbanks Center in Marikina.

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  1. wow :) gusto ko yang mga ganyang experiments hehe

  2. @Sai: aliw nga ako nung pumunta ako dyan e. hehe

  3. I remember my science class lalo n ung chem class ko, hehe parang may ginawa din kaming slime but boyax ata ung tawag sa ginamit namin hehe

  4. e hindi nga kame nakagawa ng experiment na ganyan e. naaliw talaga ako dun tapos gusto ko pa sana magstay kaso may ibang lakad ako.


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