December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas from KSA MAGIC

KSA Magic products

KSA Magic has formally invited bloggers to their Christmas party as part of their 3rd Anniversary as well as to give a re-introduction of the beauty products that are out in the market. a chance to see actress, Gladys Reyes, as KSA Magic's official endorser and had a wonderful chitchat with the actress.

KSA Magic is a product of GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation (formerly known Le Derma Skin Care) which has been around for almost 20 years under the management of Ms. Elizabeth Figuracion Perez de Tagle. the success of KSA Magic is from the intensive research and state-of-the-art product manufacturing while using the best products from different portions of the world.

GLOWCAL's products has been going around areas like Canada, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and in the continents of North America, South America, and the Middle East.

the products are guaranteed safe. that's why actress Gladys Reyes has trusted KSA Magic for her personal skin care to meet the demands of her showbiz career. she also shared to us that the first time she used KSA was when she was pregnant with her first son. giving her nice effects and retained it for a long time, Gladys recommends it to everyone. it also doesn't contain mercury and hydroquinon which are harmful to our skin. these two dangerous products can be very fatal or may give you reddening of the skin which is not a very good sight.

i personally used one which is the oatmeal soap. the great thing with KSA soaps is unlike whitening products that are available in the market, it has a good amount of SPF so you can bask under the sun without worrying from the sun's harmful rays. while other products prohibit you from exposing yourself.

for a Christmas treat, KSA would also like to introduce additions to the line for hair care. a shampoo which is a combo of nature's best, coconut and aloe vera which also cares for the scalp.

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