October 28, 2009

THIS IS IT movie review

Michael Jackson never fails to entertain us. with his latest hit, not a song, but a rehearsal of his final concert tour, THIS IS IT, has become a worldwide phenomenon. everything was almost close to perfect and by the craft of Kenny Ortega, a documentation of the said concert helped everyone visualize the final outcome of the event.

Kenny Ortega on the set

it starts with Wanna Be Startin' Something for the opening and everyone will be chanting with the "ma-ma-se-ma-ma-sa-ma-ma-coo-sa." the rehearsals started on April 15th 2009 and songs have been lined up for the spectacular show. other songs included in the concert are: Jam, They Don't Care About Us -- where Michael and the dancers are in military mood. special effects are made to form a huge platoon; Human Nature; Smooth Criminal starts with a black and white movie prologue filled with action and nice visual effects.

ladies will be strutting their stuff as Micheal sings The Way You Make Me Feel and they would feel like a model. it was a feel-good moment for them.

a series of Jackson 5 songs takes the old but young-at-hearts back to memory lane with I Want You Back, I'll Be There and a couple of other songs from the Jacksons.

if you want to fall in love, Michael and a partner sings a sexy I Just Can't Stop Loving You.

getting dancy and jumpy, stand up and do the steps of Thriller and Beat It with the immortal dance moves. Thriller has a new approach this time. a very nice production of the ghouls would scare your party feet up on the dance floor.

Michael Jackson has also been known for his songs against racism and an advocate for environmental awareness with Black or White and Earth Song. a new rising star Ornithia plays the lead guitar in Black or White.

Billie Jean will give you the glimpse of the Moonwalk and the show ends with another social song, Man in the Mirror.

you can see that Michael Jackson is a very hands-on person and knows what he wants for a great show. you will have a front-row, first-hand experience of the King of Pop's creative genius, and an eye for perfection. all in all, a very Michael Jackson experience.

see other stills below from Yahoo:

Michael Jackson Memorabilia on display

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