October 25, 2009

social networking with Globe Tattoo Broadband

more than 5 years ago, my college classmate has invited me to join Friendster. i have just been joining groups from other sites to join the forums and until instant messaging systems get into my own body system. the boom of social networking sites has got into the whole generation and as new SNS emerge, expect most people to join it.

blogging has also gotten into me. but it has been hard for me sometimes to update this blog now that i don't have a laptop. mobility is one thing that is required in this day and age.

i am just a newbie with all these wireless broadband things. everything has been going wireless and so in with the "plug-it" feature and you're ready to go. as soon as you have one of those kits, you can update your networking sites and your blogs. you also have the chance to communicate with your friends and colleagues too.

Globe Tattoo Broadband would like to help you with all of these. it is an easy plug-it device that connects you to the internet fast. and since most people has been looking on that "personalized" concept, you can express yourself choosing from the Globe Broadband Tattoo New Skins. see other designs at Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery, i think there's an ongoing contest if you want to get your own broadband kit to really get "personalized."

with Globe Tattoo Broadband, now you can get in touch and always in-the-know with what's latest online. it has been reviewed FAST by other online users and they have been using it to check their SNS like Facebook, Plurk and Twitter.

it connects pretty fast to 3G provided that you have a good signal with 3G. 3G supports high data rate transmission up to 384 Kbps with wide area coverage, 2 Mbps with local coverage.

there are also two modes of payment when using the network. first is the KB-based charging, which Globe Tattoo Broadband will charge your load/credit 15 centavos Per-KB. and the other one is the time-based charging, which will charge you Php 5 for 15 minutes of browsing. thanks to Kelvin for giving us this info.

the YOUniverse is so wide and there's a lot of things happening. so check them out with the Globe Tattoo Broadband.

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