August 13, 2009

Showbiz 101 with Chiz Escudero

i've got to meet Senator Chiz Escudero and he is so cool. he is easy to get along with with his koboy personality. there might be less things we know about the senator and i was shocked that he also has this showbiz side as most of us possess. indeed a very filipino characteristic.

upon our arrival, we were so shocked for the arrival of Chiz himself because we didn't expect that he was the one who will step down from his vehicle and even the first one to approach us and give us a nice gesture. i almost backed out from where i stand but my interests to meet and know the politician more and his other side has overpowered my shyness.

we asked his regular routine after taking the hectic and brain-draining senate sessions. he usually goes straight to his room, change his clothes to his home attire, click the button to news or sometimes, movies. he usually tunes it to Cinema One. we never knew this showbiz side of Chiz Escudero.

when asked about his favorite movie genre, he told us that we wants to become a leading man in a love story. like a matinee idol. he even wants to become Kristine Hermosa's leading man -- maybe stealing away Jericho Rosales' role, eh. lolz. his wife even named Christine.

without mentioning any idol, he wants to portray his own style in acting. but he admits to himself that he doesn't have any talent in entertainment so that all falls into his dreams.

he never declared that he's a kapuso or a kapamilya. but he likes today's Darna. and speaking of superheroes, he prefers to be Superman with his X-ray vision; we never asked further.

regarding to Bamboo, who was often played to be his look-alike, he didn't mind being called by that. in fact, he never knew him then, but it would be a win-win situation for both of them if they would hang out together.

he personally updates his Twitter account so we are guaranteed that he is the one who exchanges thoughts with those following him. our time is not enough to ask more questions about Chiz, but if he let's it full blast, he wants to have a one-on-one interview with Kris Aquino herself. besides, Noynoy and him are close friends.

there's a lot more of Chiz here.

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