August 11, 2009

Digital Innovations at Greenbelt 3 cinema

of all the technology advancements around us, we would consider that it's a great disappointment if we don't get with the spur of the times. from household to leisure and entertainment, everything seems to have been modified and advanced for us to live easier and faster.

speaking of entertainment, how much do we love the 3D technology hitting our cinemas nowadays? the feeling of being "inside" the movie itself takes us to another dimension of fun and experience with this ground-breaking approach towards film-making. this era has revolutionized the viewing experience not just by sitting on a lazy boy couch, eating popcorn and just immersing the mind into what the movie has to deliver.

Greenbelt 3 is now offering this new experience as an addition to their world class cinemas and i must say, pretty good movie picks for us to enjoy. not just the great quality of picture and THX sound system, the technology of 3D can deliver us a lot more fun movie experience. and not to mention the great finds within Greenbelt 3: great food and great shopping for everyone.

upon entering the 3D Greenbelt cinema, everyone will be given special glasses with filtering lenses for us to see and feel the 3D technology in the theater.

first to Greenbelt 3D cinema is the big hit Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs which garnered Php 114 million on 6 weeks of its screening since July 3 just in the Philippines alone. this hilarious adventure of the primitive gang, Manny, Diego and Sid captured the hearts of many and even surpassed such records of Kungfu Panda and Shrek -- naming it the biggest animated franchise as of this time.


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