July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's autopsy photos spreading the internet

there are rumors spreading that the autopsy photos of Michael Jackson have been spreading the internet. the King of Pop recently died due to cardiac arrest on June 25 2009 at his home in LA with a still unknown cause.

it has been reported that there is NO FOUL PLAY on Michael Jackson's death but as mandatory in the US to investigate with the death of a high-profile personality, an autopsy has been done. newest reports say on an AP exclusive that the King of Pop has requested Diprivan, a sleep drug, days prior his death. the drug may be harmful to the health in case taken excessively.

i'd like to say to these people who have been spreading this to stop it and pay respect to Michael Jackson and his family. just remember him as a true music legend and a great influence to everyone. whatever the results of the autopsy may be, let's just respect and accept his loss as is.

let's remember every great person with the great things they've done and contributed to the people.

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