June 27, 2009

A(H1N1) or Dengue?

the scare for A(H1N1) became widespread all over the world and we are all doing our ways to escape and/or eradicate it. with proper diet and medicines being developed, still the virus is unstoppable. with the changing weather conditions and a little abnormal in my lifestyle lately, i almost suspected that i caught it. i had flu for 3 days now and i've been trying to strengthen my immune system once again by taking the prescribed meds and eating right.

but we should not all be focusing on A(H1N1) virus alone. we should be aware too that this is also the time of dengue spread. though this is only transferred through a mosquito bite, we might be forgetting that this also starts with a common flu.

i myself have been a victim of dengue when i was 20. i caught it when i took care of my brothers who got it a week prior. i had the fastest time to recover for we already know how to deal with it. a lot of fluids and of course, vitamin C for your immune system. in just 3 days, i was discharged off the hospital.

i am experiencing flu right now and my temperature rises and drops down. i certainly hope that this was not A(H1N1) for i have not encountered a victim yet. and as i turn back to the symptoms of both flu-related sicknesses, the only thing i've got are the muscle pains and headaches.

A(H1N1) symptoms:
Nasal Congestion
Body aches
Joint Pains
Sore throat
Decreased energy
Rarely death in more severe cases, especially from pneumonia.

Dengue symptoms:
High continuous fever lasting for 2-7 days
Abdominal pain
Body weakness
Bleeding tendencies from nose and gums
Persistent red spots on the face, extremities and trunks

we always believe that prevention is better than cure. so we start with a clean living environment, taking care of our health and eating right.

right now i am taking what the doctor has prescribed. hopefully, i am fully recovered by monday for work. gosh, i really miss a lot!

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