April 14, 2009

Brangelina to adopt a Pinoy

well, i want to be that kid (probably most people wanted it too). but i wonder how will they choose the next child? we here in the Philippines are seeing the reality in almost every corner. where will they get it? the riversides? the slums? i was really surprised that they even considered the Philippines to adopt the next kid. but in my belief, i don't know if i would be happy or pity for the biological parents of that child. true, that him or her will be given a better life, imagine your parents are uber rich and exceptional actors. the Hercules and Venus of Hollywood, ergo, the most gorgeous people on the planet! everybody wants to be them. i hope no baby-makers would take advantage of this. the couple can do it. and i wonder what would be the name and what's the bid for their first pictures together?

but one thing is for sure, i will be looking forward to see them come here.


Be kind to post your insights. Thanks.

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