April 18, 2009

Twenty Plus is One: Splash Island wars

it was the morning of April 16 2009 when the whole office of Beginnings at 20 Plus went to Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna. days prior to our trip, we were already assigned to our teams namely: Blue, Aqua, Red and Green. the team leaders were pointed out and on alert on what's going to happen with the whole event. as expected, it was a competition between teams trying to outplay each other with fun-filled games and experiences in Splash Island, facilitated with Global Gutz.
Splash Island is now managed by Global Gutz now adding more attraction than just the regular water fun to enjoy the summer. the new team building facilities were taken advantage by our company for us not only to have just a regular summer outing but more of gaining more friends in the office for a better working environment.

Cheering Competition
it was like Olympics when we started with the cheering competition. as for my team's first activity, we have to know each other first. we acknowledged everyone's names to get acquainted. three big names are in my team: the president, the production head and our department manager. it was a hard task for me to get my guts up and motivate my superiors. but the responsibility and belief was already put on my head and all i have to do is do my job as their leader.
a variation of concepts came up for the cheering competition. some spread from circles and deliver their chants and build recall. Blue team got the first place in the cheering competition.

The Bamboo Relay
the goal is to race against the other team with a bamboo. only 5 players per team will round the post and complete 3 rounds at the least possible time. two games sets are set between Blue team vs Aqua team and Green team vs Red team. on the first set, Blue won over Aqua and Green beat the Red team on the second set.
The Crocodile Pit
objective is to transfer all members of the team to the other side of a 2-meter long mock-pit using 2 crates, 2 wood planks and a thin stick. imagine that there are crocodiles at the distance so if anything touches the pit, we have to start all over again. we gained progress are the first attempt but we failed. though we haven't got the first place, this activity really made the team closer and we trusted each other more.
Trolley Relay
after the mind-boggling Crocodile Pit, we had another relay. it's like skiing with 4 other teammates racing against another team. we won this time with the smooth cooperation of my teammates and focus on the goal.

after a yummy lunch, and by that time we are really getting stinky, we had real war going on -- with Paintball of course. this new facility on Splash Island has made a chance for the other teams throw their wrath against us after their defeats. (lol) besides, Green Team leads the whole event.
each player is given 50 paintballs and complete battle gear. the battle took 3 hours under the heat of the sun. i got hit on the first set of battle on the wrist and it didn't hurt at first. it's as they say, a mosquito bite. but you will endure the pain as the time flies.

it was like a war on terror as my officemates look like the Abu Sayyaf Gang and MILF troops.

finally we get on the water. it was like Amazing Race in which we have to try all the giant slides on Splash Island. first we tried the Balsa River and tried all, one after the other. we finished second in the race but adding up all the scores from the other events, we came 1st!

my favorite was the Magellan's drop where we slide down using a rubber mat. here's a sample video of us going down the Magellan's Drop:

the Green Team dominated almost all events. next is the Blue Team which is a close contender to us, then the Red team and finally the Aqua team to wrap it up. we had a little reporting about the whole activity and it seemed like everybody enjoyed.

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