March 11, 2009

Manila is all in one book

the city of Manila itself is a very huge piece of land. even i still haven't got around to the busiest streets of it without asking for directions or following road signs. but Periplus Publishing and Fully Booked brought us the new Manila Street Atlas where all, i mean "all" roads you can tell is listed and drawn into detail. now getting lost is not an excuse for anyone who are able to purchase one.

the Manila Street Atlas of course features maps and directions. it includes a Street Index where if you're only familiar of a given street, let's say, JP Rizal; there's a lot of JP Rizal on the metro but getting it more particular to the Makati, JP Rizal street, the Street Index entry will take you to the map page where it can easily be found.

there's also a Building Index listing all building names and skyscrapers around the region. it's so updated that even buildings, roads and other establishments and structures that are on development, they are already entered in the Manila Street Atlas.

leirs, sire and me (official photog namin si aeirin e)

last Tuesday, i have been invited as part of the Fully Booked Bloggers Club to take a first look on the Manila Street Atlas. hosted by Gelli of RX 93.1, we have been introduced to the Manila Street Atlas and mentioning all benefits i said above. there are 2 contests held on the event and bloggers take the prizes! first, we are to find 5 GET LOST tickets with Fully Booked stickers on them to win Moleskine notebooks. thank God, Sire, Aeirin and Leira also came to the event. Aeirin and Leira also got same tickets but due thanks to Leira for finding one for each of us.

next is using the Manila Street Atlas and locating bars and establishments that sell SMB products to the specific map location. fortunately, i was already looking at the Indexes and put my finger on the map with the same entry. am i lucky or what? for that, i won my new favorite green jacket from San Miguel. that Manila Street Atlas has been very useful to me!

speaking of San Miguel, a tasting of 4 ice-cold SMB products was conducted by their SMB girls. thanks SMB!

another freebie is a pink bag from Tuttle with Periplus Publishing Catalog and info about the new Manila Street Atlas. DOWNLOADABLE CATALOG here.

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  1. I checked the atlas and was disappointed with what I saw especially given the price. It's not as updated as Periplus claims: Bonifacio Global City is depicted as it looked like back in 2006/2007 but the atlas was published in 2009!


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