January 7, 2009

Pinay Big Brother (sa UK)

our kababayan Mutya Buena, you know her from Sugababes and her single "Real Girl" will join 10 other celebrities at the latest season of Big Brother UK. do you think she'll stay long enough inside the house with other diva-type females and airy males?

here's a cute part: Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me from Austin Powers also made it to the list. the author of this blog wonders how will he ever win in the challenges and how will he get over and prove himself worthy if he is the object of ridicule among all the other housemates. big names include Coolio, Ben Adams (from A1 -- and he still exists!) and La Toya Jackson.

see the complete list of housemates HERE.

photo credits: www.allaboutidolshows.com

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