December 31, 2008

2008 was a year FULL OF EVENTS!

thanks to the blogosphere, 2008 was really a memorable year for me. i had a lot of fun, and i mean, A LOT! the food, the people and the great experiences that i truly embraced with a bang! so as i countdown this year with a fresh start, i would like to remember these big events that i've been a part of. food has a very big share in all of these.

first of which is the Trinoma Blogger Food Tour which ignited the ohmski spirit to attend these kind of blogger events. and this also was very memorable for me because i won on the Blogger Photo Contest that although i campaigned, i didn't expect.

i conquered Boracay. it was expensive, true. but the feeling of living the life a little upscale was truly will last a lifetime. and spending getting away from stress isn't bad after all.

a very funny experience fro 2008 was i was held guilty of jaywalking in Marikina. of course i learned a lesson but sometimes, i was really ignorant of any rules. i heard a friend told me one time, Geminis tend to listen to advises, but they are stubborn and do the thing they want to do.

it's time to do something for the environment. Earth Hour was successful in the country and hopefully this will frequent every year to save the planet and also slow down some bad things we are causing its destruction. remember, it's irreversible.

my first TV exposure. Al, kelangan ko ng kopya nito! my 3-5 minutes of fame became a buzz to the people close to me.

a little taste of history and forcing to trace my ancestry at Villa Escudero was a time that i also want to repeat. i think i haven't got the most of it yet.

my Survivor torch flamed until the first half of December. of course, you always get updated.

Oktoberfest was stretched. may nagsawa kaya sa inuman dito? we all know that this went on 120 days as the best Oktoberfest yet. for bloggers, a special Oktoberfest was offered to them.

finally, I saw Judy Ann Santos at Pantene's event. the events kept coming and coming.

there's a lot of promos i shared with you and one of them is Delifrance's Secret Santa. i know marami din nag-enjoy sa inyo.

and sino ang hindi pumusta sa labanang Pacquiao-Dela Hoya? na-feature pa ang Pambansang Kamao sa isang astig na magasin at nahirang na World's Best Fighter!

and i welcomed Christmas season when Super Bowl of China gave bloggers a festive treat with their four additions to the menu and having us take home a ham and their yummy special chicken! i hope there's another next year!

a lot of concerts also happened this year. the much waited Eheads reunion, Rihanna and Cris Brown at the Fort, and a number big acts that i don't know where to start. whew! dami nun diba?

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