November 20, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Emotional Immunity

this is the most emotional and worth-fighting immunity challenge so far. the objective is to race to the finish line after doing the math in the SP questionnaires -- choosing the right answer to raise their flag -- the first three gets to second round -- walk on ropes -- doing the math again -- then flag -- race the buckets of rocks to the finish line by pulling them on bamboo planks then raise the final flag. it was almost head-to-head between Kaye and JC but Marlon still tried to catch up. if not for Kaye's falling rocks and buckets, she could have won the immunity. JC delivered his smoothly to the finish line and eventually winning immunity.

the rewards, immunity and a 5-minute call to a loved one at home. everyone had a chance to see a short clip of the video messages from their close friends and relatives. before the challenge, Charisse volunteered and saw her mom and brother, Cris got some from her mom, JC and Marlon from their girlfriends, Rob from his brother, Zita from her bestfriend, and Kaye from her mom. of all the castaways, Marlon showed the most emotion on cam. and when Paolo said to JC that he could choose 2 castaways to see the full message from their loved one, Marlon is the most thankful for JC for choosing him to experience the same reward. Marlon didn't imagine but somehow felt that JC realized how dreadful Marlon was in the island since the merging. and Zita was convinced of Marlon's cry. JC had sweet words with gf but almost said nothing because of the strong emotion and missing each other.

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