November 19, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Pagandahan, Pabonggahan, Pachorvahan

before the day ended, Nanay found a huge fish by the shore while she was washing her clothes. she screamed for help to catch it and Marlon and the rest of the guys ran up to her. Kaye asked if that would be edible and nobody was sure about it. Zita identified the fish as butete and even related it to the fish identified on the local version of Low. Marlon explained that it is edible and even for gourmet in Chinese cuisine but something has to be taken out of it and be cooked in the right way. JC suggested that if they cook it, Marlon has to try it out first as experiment like a guinea pig. JC has evil plans too, haha. but since they are not sure of eating the fish, Marlon released it back to the sea.

Kaye is having thoughts on who's to vote on the next TC. she first talked to JC about Rob and they considered him to be out of the game. next she talked to Marlon while he again pours his demonic tactics which Kaye may fall into. she even said to the interview that she is thankful to Marlon of helping her think how to stay in the game.

sino ang tinanghal na kauna-unahang
Bb. Survivor Philippines

at twilight, the tribemates are bored so they made a scene just out of nowhere! all of a sudden, the guys stood up and sort of made a beauty pageant of themselves. Marlon didn't care of how he would look like but they just want to entertain themselves. Charisse also said that these guys have abs so it would be a perfect laugh trip and she enjoyed the night. of all the boys, JC is the one being tried. he tried to act like one but he had a hard time doing it unlike the others. he cannot imagine the shame and thoughts of the viewers. before the pageant was over, Rob had his rare "exfosure" that added laughter to the castaways to get from all the other pressures that they experience on the island.

it's Balaku-Tarutao. they did a remake of Nuts Entertainment's BALAKUBAK as Zita suggested since they have already started this gay stint. the topics on the bulungan segment were all revealed. just for fun, they even relayed the questions to the camera. if the ladies had answered, they will whisper the answer to themselves but will react violently on the revelations. Charisse didn't escape the questions between her and Kiko. even Zita. Kaye asked her if there would be a love team on island, would Gigit get the chance? Zita has tried to get out of the hot seat but she said that Gigit is not her type. lastly, Marlon teased Rob to Vern if she is the girlfriend-type or just for dating. Rob didn't leave us with a no-answer.

do they feel the game at this point? for now, JC has a number to trust. Kaye and Cris don't trust anyone with them.

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