October 14, 2008

take me to my roots

i have wondered how i came to being. of course, there's the fact that i have my parents and grandparents. but beyond that, i have no more information of my genealogy. i knew as my mom told me that my grandpa has become a councilor of Marikina. and i happen to be cousins with the current Marikina representative, Del de Guzman. the Dela Paz clan, which my mother's roots happen to fall into, is a very big group in Marikina. i'm sorry that i didn't have to know our relatives i don't know our connection with the Legaspi actors (Zoren, Kier) but she also said that we are on the third degree of kinship. sometimes i want to assume that it is true but i'd like to trace our connection. maybe i got this "celebrity potential" too. ;)

i sometimes wondered if i have foreign roots, from which branch of the family tree did i get my physical features, how my ancestors look like, what they do when they were still alive. i also want to ask them, how do they spend their leisure time and what do they eat. time has left this information and most of us don't even try to take a look back on our ancestry.

so i signed up with this website i found for genealogy and try to trace back my ancestors. will i get my connection with celebrities? historical figures, maybe Jose Rizal or some Chinese business tycoon?

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