October 14, 2008

do Koreans really love it here?

last Sunday, napadaan ako sa Arirang TV and they are showing a kid's quiz show entitled Super Kids. it was yet the elimination round and the questions are about a famous novel called Heidi by Johanna Spyri. i don't know the answers to the question because i haven't read the book nor saw the Japan animation adaptation. pero what i know is that it's about a shepherd girl from France. the kids did great. and 5 children survived until the final round.

the real subject on this blog is not the students but the prizes. when they flashed the profiles of the children, one kid goes "Mom, dad, grandma, I promise I'll take you to the Philippines!" what?! would you think it would be better for them to stay there? and isn't it that there are more places rather than here? that was my initial reaction when I saw that profile. maybe it's a big deal for an elementary kid to get here but at first I thought he's nuts. i'm not degrading our country and of course i love it here. but they have a lot of other choices. HK is there, Tokyo, Beijing, and Singapore may be considered. and what's with us anyway that urged them to come over?

and here are the prizes:
GRAND PRIZE - family package to the Philippines (didn't mention where)
laptop, digital camera, mp3 player, Nintendo DS

for me, I would rather have those other techie stuff. besides, the Philippines is always here. I can go anywhere, anytime I want.

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