October 13, 2008

Survivor Philippines: The Farmer reaps nothing

Vevherly Gador goes home with memories after being voted out of the Tribal Council last Friday. pretty emotional just before Tribal Council, she feels that she will be the one to be voted out because of her condition.

the Tribal Council was I think the most revealing yet. Naak had this talk with Paolo B while Jarakay was there observing. when the host asks which from Jarakay will they want try to test their strength with, most of them would test on Jace for he, probably, was the strongest of all.

oh well.. ganun talaga. you can't please everyone. and i saw your interview at Startalk last Saturday, kakaiba kayo ni Patani. hehehehe.. palitan daw ba sina Joey deLeon and Pauleen Luna for EB? heheh... goodluck sa inyong mga career.

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