October 10, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Niña is forced to leave

Maria Nona 'Niña" Ortiz, dubbed as Sporty Mom, has been forced to leave the game after getting an injury from the previous reward challenge.

though as much as she wanted to stay, she won't be able to because of the cast on her leg that will disable her to perform well in the next challenges. her goodbye has been very emotional especially for Mama Zita, a very close friend from Naak.

last night's reward challenge has been very hard for all castaways. it was like a soccer game but this time, a very huge wooden ball has to be delivered to the goal. of course, everyone has to stop the opponent to getting it done. Naak first scored, then Jarakay came neck and neck. the third set tested the physique and mental abilities of all castaways but Jarakay closed it by winning the game and immunity is back at Jarakay.

* Marlon distracts Rob by talking too much and that made Rob very angry. Kiko consoled him and told him to ignore Marlon.

tonight, Naak heads back to Tribal Council but as Paolo B. said, Survivor has been very fond of unexpected twists. although, Kiko will not cast a vote nor be voted out of the game. Naak is for a big surprise when Paolo gets a set of guests to join them.

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