October 9, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Kiko at Jarakay camp

the episode was balanced on both Naak and Jarakay camp. but Jarakay was uncomfortable with Kiko around. (e sya kaya in-abduct nyo.) during Marlon's interview, he shares that he really wants to kick Kiko off of the game -- remember the first days of the competition. however, Charisse had a different view. she finds Kiko "interesting." mukhang ibang love team na naman ito. LOL

everything was so quiet at Jarakay, nobody seemed to initiate to do something. at one meal, Kiko finds a nail on his rice. is this a scheme or an accident? no one spoke but everyone seems bothered.

at Naak, JC needs some medical attention because his foot swells from an insect bite. so he had to go to the hospital but time is of the essence. he has to return back at camp within 24 hours para hindi sya matanggal out of the game. same with Niña, experiencing a fracture at a toe which she accidentally got from the reward challenge. Niña jokingly approaches Marlon and said that she will continue at the game kahit na gusto ni Marlon na sya ang isunod sa next Tribal Council.

Niña's xray shows that a bone at one of her toes is split. mukha nga syang masakit, actually. the doctor advises that she'll get a cast but the sacrifice of leaving the game. of course, Niña doesn't want to get out of the game.

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