October 18, 2008

Ohmski's Blogline: Pantene satisfaction in 3 Minutes!

last Friday was another night for me to remember. Pantene hosted this night for bloggers and offered the experience their latest product: the new Pantene 3-Minute Miracle treatment. why 3-minutes? it can restore your 3-month damaged hair in as fast as 3 minutes! all of us won't believe it at first and would say, only a miracle could do that. thus, Pantene 3-Minute Miracle gave us a new gift that would fix all hair problems, again, in just 3 minutes! me, as a Pantene user myself, is also curious to try this out.

everything went well and all is done, 3 minutes by 3 minutes. the program started with a 3-minute countdown, i ate all everthing in my plate in 3-minutes (joke! and another set of food from the TasteAsia buffet which i enjoy everytime, thank you very much), and i would even give a testimony that Pantene really worked in 3 minutes! i have alex, rio and even my sister with her officemates who won the "Pantene version" of Pinoy Henyo. i'm so proud of her. the game was already a give-away. guess what's behind your back in the shortest time for 3-minutes. it's cool that the only thing left to guess was the product itself. it's even better when you say it right.

one of the highlights of the night was when Judy Ann Santos arrived. i am a confessed Juday fan and i'm so happy that she went to the event. but i felt bad that we have no photo souvenir together. lucky for azrael and joriben, two online friends to be able to take pictures with her.

Juday narrates her experience with the whole advertising campaign and she too is amazed that Pantene 3-minute Miracle Treatment worked for her. so she vouches for this product for everyone to try.

the night closed with live bands especially with Pinoy Dream Academy contender, RJ Jimenez that serenaded all guests with hits for the heart and songs for the soul.

in short, na-starstruck talaga ako. hahaha

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