October 17, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Jarakay?! Ganon?!

John Lopez, the Automechanic Model, has been turned down by the alliance he belongs to. mainly on his condition which almost get on for the second time before the Tribal Council. (aba, Jace, bakit nman?) but before the voting session, Paolo interviews each of them. John exposes his vote for Nikki for she is the spoiled princess of the tribe. and his experience of having a hard time breathing every morning. (hmmm.. John baka iba na yan. hindi kaya na-mumu ka? Kaye had an experience with this pero unlike yours.) this has been asserted by Jace, Vern and Marlon. while Paolo reads the votes, we can see that Marlon shakes his head for the loss of one of the muscle Jarakay. John exits the Tribal Council and puts Jace responsible for the tribe.

Naak still fun pa rin! Cris (cramps, Chitae) had a visit from his siblings! hahaha... local monkeys from Koh Tarutao that is. Kiko, Kaye and Zita had a play on voices. Rob, together with Kiko and JC, continues to stick to their alliance.

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