October 8, 2008

Survivor Philippines: spoiler alert

‘Survivor’ spoiler alert
By Marinel Cruz

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 19:48:00 10/07/2008

MANILA, Philippines—A show biz-oriented website announced that San Sebastian cager JC Tiuseco, 23, won the reality program “Survivor Philippines,” which started airing on GMA 7 only three weeks ago. Program host Paolo Bediones branded the website as a “spoiler.”

“Spoilers come from people who make it their business to ruin the show for others,” Bediones told Inquirer Entertainment by phone on Monday. “Ninety-five percent of those are untrue. But thanks to them, people are now more curious about the show.”

According to the website Showbiz Juice, two program staff members were overheard talking in a coffee shop about the outcome of the show. “The shocking news was that JC’s name was mentioned as the Pinoy Sole Survivor,” the website reported.

Bediones insisted that only the program manager knows the identity of the winner. The aspirants cast their final votes before they left Ko Tarutao (Devil’s Island), Thailand in September. “Everything will be revealed, live, on the last day of the show,” the host said.

His fearless forecast? “Zita, Niña, Marlon, JC and Vevherly will be the Final Five.”

He noted that Zita Ortiga, 46, a laundrywoman, has “a great story and a fantastic disposition.” Niña Ortiz, 40, mother of three, “is a straight-up player.”

Bediones added that many viewers “dislike” Marlon Carmen, 30, a waiter. “But he won the trust of his whole ‘tribe.’”

He said John Carlo or JC had wanted to quit on his first day on Devil’s Island. “But he’s been doing well.”

As for Vevherly Gador, 20, Bediones said, “She’s gone through a lot. People root for someone like her.
as i've read from this blog, twisted na naman ang reward challenge. Kiko is being kidnapped by Jarakay. Survivor really knows pano tayo mawindang lahat. hahaha...

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