October 22, 2008

can you handle my HOTNESS?

(i'm not talking about my gorgeousness here, that's another story soon.) LOL

i just happen to each lunch awhile ago and my food is a little boring. i opened up my drawer and i found out that i got 3 sachets of hot sauce. 2 from PizzaHut and 1 from Chowking. i tore the Chowking hot sauce and added it to my current viand, fried chicken. i cannot handle spicy foods especially when it's Korean. i'll be sweating heavily when i eat that kimchi or that wide selection of fillings to put in a leaf of lettuce before crunching like shawarma. (nakakagutom na ba?) i don't even think of almoranas (now that ruins the appetite) because i just know how to cool myself down with more servings of water.

i'm a fan of sushi. calimak anyone? i miss dropping by at Gateway mall and heading towards the Jumbo Jap cuisine to try everything on the menu once in a while. as much as possible, i drown that pinch of wasabe on Japanese soy sauce before dipping the sushi slice to put into my mouth. i even mastered the technique in using chopsticks. and even enhanced it when i was in HK last year.

i'm of Bicolano roots. so you have an idea that Bicol express is not a new thing to me. it's just been a while back when papa cooked it more spicier than ever! and one time during our family reunion, one relative cooked a different pansit canton and i tell you, no one was able to eat that. even the stray don't didn't handle it.

so now i want to ask you, which spicy seasoning do you want?

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