October 22, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Libreng Ligo and new "ka-bonding" for Jace

since John's loss, Jace isn't so productive over Jarakay tribe. he reiterates that John is his closest buddy on the game and he treated him almost like a brother. Vern says that he only kept the fire on during the whole day. Marlon is concerned of Jace as the boy has been lazy all day and cannot be approached.

Both tribes received a new mail from the admin for another reward challenge. the objective of the game is to fill 5 buckets with mud using their bodies to catch and bring it to their taga-ipon. they cannot touch themselves to help the taga-ipon. the prize at stake, a nice bath! they have been stinking for 15 days now. to cut this short, Naak wins the reward. they have a lot of spongy hair, thanks to Kiko's dreadlocks. a little plugging from Unilever products there.

Jarakay heads back to camp and clean themselves with the water from the sea. even disinfecting their wounds from the other night's insect bites. since Jace is left with Marlon, Vern, Nikki and Charisse, he has nothing to do but to bond with them. a little sparring and taekwondo sessions for Marlon from Jace and Vern. at some point, they forgot about beating the enemy and enjoy that they stayed in the game and spent some moments together.

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