October 22, 2008

i'm a Nuffnanger but i don't know how to use it

i've signed up for another "money-making" blog community and i think i'm doing pretty well for a starter. i cannot concentrate on it much because of the "OMG-i-had-a-lot-of-accounts-to-maintain" sickness. getting more webhits is not a major concern for now but i wish those webhits could be converted to cash! i imagine that i got more than 12000 views from my multiply, whoa! i can pay my credit card! i also installed this map application and i'm surprised that i have visitors from America and Europe. so there's a little pressure on me to post mainly English stuff trying to beat inday. do you think i'm doing good?

this post's main objective is to share that i have visitors from abroad. as i've checked on my Nuffnang, here's the breakdown. (i think the Phil breakdown mostly came from me. LOL)

but wan't it amazing? i know i'm not that big time blogger but this makes me feel grateful. i wonder who might those be. in case you are reading this, i'd be very happy to hear something from you.

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