August 22, 2008

Plurk tayo!

i've just created my Plurk account yesterday and i realized that i got hooked now. i post shoutouts on real time and get replies on real time too. hmm, better than YM? i think not. but i can update my friends on my other sites.

one cute feature of Plurk is that it has this Filipino option where all other statements on the site go Tagalised. your profile and all content translates to our native language. speaking of profile, we know all the blah-blahs from your name, etc. and just like friendster, even your civil status. when i chose to Tagalise my profile, this came on:

bastus din tong Plurk na to a! OO na! NAG-IISA NA KUNG NAG-IISA! d naman ako malungkot! :P nakaka-Plurkey to!

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