August 21, 2008

jamond pill

finally i had my diamond peel from the voucher my sister gave me months ago at slimmer's world. i had this scheduled supposedly last friday but the rain stops me to go. i wanted to give the free vouchers (yes, free kaya patulan na diba? hehe..) to somebody else but i thought of the regret of giving them away.

then last tuesday, the slots are fully-booked so i had it re-scheduled last night. this was my very first facial treatment, aside from the regular cleanser rituals at home. a little pain when the apparatus scrapes my face but a bit i'm satisfied with the outcome. my face turned smoother and the bumps are gone. they applied some lotion after the scraping thing, by the way.

afterwards, the attendant and i had a little talk and offered me their promos. they have the gym membership and the skincare membership na tumataginting na 12k!!! but the promo price has been cut down to 6k (still very expensive for me) and they gave me an option that i may use my credit card. the thing is, i am not using my card(s) anymore to get out of debt. but for a 6k package which includes visits and treatments, i think that pretty much reasonable and cheap.

maybe i'll try the gym next time.

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