June 3, 2008

and she laid her hands on me

last saturday i decided to go for a real massage. i was going for massage equipments around malls and with the help from some family members. and finally i went to this massage parlor along marcos hi-way in antipolo. i was already looking at this massage parlor before but i never had the time to come in. but when i looked again, i found out that the price wasn't bad so i tried it.

when i went up to the massage parlor it was a little bit dark. the door opening is so small, i could only enter my body obliquely. and a group of ladies were in the room but i couldn't see much of their faces. it seemed that i am under a spotlight in a dark room waiting to be interrogated and all i can hear were their voices. i was directed to sit on a chair nearby and a voice was asking me something but i just nodded my head as if i could hear a thing. all that lurks in my head was thinking why am i in that kind of place and how will i get out of there.

a voice told me to get up and follow and then a swift air blew on a curtain showing me the way. it led me to a darker room but like a labyrinth of curtains. then she guided me in a box made of curtains and all i can see was a flat bed and some sheets. she told me to make myself comfortable. then it asked me to take off everything i wear and lie on my chest. i did what she said but still nothing runs in my mind.

later on i heard footsteps going towards me that made me hide myself from the creeps. hands glided on my back and arranged the towel that i used to cover the lower part of my body. then she asked if it is my first time so i said yes. her hands were wet with oil and she started with my right leg. she put off the towel upto my lower back and rubbed her hands against my leg. i felt her energy going through me and her fingers electrified my mind. she did the same with my other leg and did it first with my right arm and then the other.

she lowered the towel to expose my back. she rubbed my nape going down to my shoulders and spine. i've never felt anything like it and i think i was losing my breath. so everytime i was relaxed, i get the most air i can breathe at the moment. her hands overpowered me and i couldn't do anything. i just let her anything she want like i was a slave chained under her spell. she was in front of me when she glided on my upper back. then she got lower and took a little bit of my underwear that part my cheeks were exposed. she stroked her hands down to it and her energy flowed on my back.

i lied on my side and she twisted me a little. i felt my blood flow smoothly throughout my body as she did it to me. i hear nice music and my mind was so empty with worries. and she asked me to lie on my back and she did it all over again.

and then she focused on my head. her fingers ran through my forehead and she stroked my cheeks, my chin and my thoughts were going around in circles. her strength put me up and she went behind me. pushing my back with her legs, she raised me and swung me across. we got into another position and she raised the hell out of me. i was a bit shocked when we were doing it. i cannot do anything but to follow her. we had our hands clasped so that no one gets off. and when she was done, she again glided her fingers throughout me to relax my senses.

she patted my whole body with the towel i had on me.


corny noh? hahaha...


  1. ummm, interesting!!! wheww, what an experience. repeat! repeat!!

  2. bkit madilim yung massage parlor?.. hmm.. kaduda-duda! hehe.. so anu suki ka na jan? heheheh

  3. anonymous, ok lang kung madilim. basta dka gagawa ng masama. hahaha

  4. sa makati marami dyan lolz,,,,

  5. hi ohms! at last nkapagpamasahe ka n rn. since VE mo p gs2 mgpamasahe eh. npakasensual naman ng descriptions mo bka magselos slave mo nyan! hahaha!

  6. hahaha... ang tawag dyan creative writing. nagcomment n nga si slave e. lol

  7. creative writing daw oh, wushoo! nag prapractice ka lang ata para sa sideline mo eh. hahaha...

  8. hahaha... sira! ako nga yung pinagpraktisan e. lol

  9. Jet, san dito sa Makati meron nyan? XD para makapagrelak relak naman ako

  10. bakit ako wala akong alam dito sa makati nyan? hahaha

  11. ah basta di ko sasabihin sa may gilid ng greenbelt malapit sa ibank

    kahit anong gawin nyo wala kayong makukuhang info sakin

  12. ay hindi ko alam yun! hahaha...


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