June 3, 2008

Blog Event of the Month: do they ever get tired of going up?

as the start of the new school year approaches, it is not questionable that there will be more students out of school. it's due because a percentage of the household budget has been alloted to the basic commodities which, oh my Lord, the prices are soaring high! i suppose this all can be blamed to the rapid oil price increase where all needs depend. every commodity goes with its increase and the result is every other else is sacrificed.

since diesel is needed for the transport of goods, suppliers have no choice but to set their prices higher to sustain the allocation on diesel. I think the product prices only change following the law of supply and demand.

the price of food has gone higher. and it will be if diesel still goes high;
fares have too, I remember when I started commuting, it was only Php 1.50 minimum and now they are proposing to raise it to Php 10!

i mean, everything has become so expensive that the masses have to sacrifice other things and one of them is very important such as education. for even tuition fees also increased and the parents resort is to stop their children from going to school. which is not right. I have been very lucky to finish schooling. but what about the younger ones? isn't the world should be responsible to give the children some education? and not just profiteering on the poor people. that would result to the increase of uneducated people who will be doing even the most dangerous things in the world in able to survive and the big people take advantage of.

i hope that this will be resolved very soon. i wonder why sometimes saving just doesn't work! if i could propose at least to give a one-day holiday for everyone where no one will use diesel-powered engines and instead use bicycles. it's not only good for the body but also for the environment. provide jobs nearest to everyone nearest to their homes, and focus to the jobs that really provide the needs like farming, teaching and practicing in medicine.

i hope everyone will realize that it is easier to live simpler.


  1. that's what I'm also thinking lately. kaya gusto ko na tlaga mag-abroad!

  2. oo nga e. ako ren kaso wala naman ako applications. :(


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