May 29, 2008


MANILA, Philippines - A proposal to make text messaging free may force companies to eliminate the service since it will no longer be profitable to maintain it, an industry source told GMANews.TV.

Since free text messaging will be subject to abuse, the source said that it will affect networks of telecommunications companies, reducing their efficiency and resulting in service degradation.

“If you make it free of charge, companies will not be encouraged to invest in the business because it will not be profitable. Eventually, the service may no longer be available," said the source.

The source was reacting to a spate of new reports which exhorted mobile phone companies to cut their text messaging fees to P0.15 from P1, as indicated by a proposal recently raised by a female legislator.

Telecommunications companies “can agree to either reduction or the scrapping of the charges. Either way, the main beneficiaries here will be our people who deserve all the relief they can get," Bulacan Representative Ma. Victoria Sy-Alvarado said.


mura na lang pala ang text e. patxt naman dyan. hehehe... i understand the point na pwede matanggal ang texting kung gagawin free ang SMS. anu pang silbi ng SMS diba? kaya kung unli ang gusto nyo AT THE CHEAPEST PRICE, lipat na sa ineendorse ni Kuya Aga ok?

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