May 29, 2008


I have written lots of blogs and found out that I have blockbuster ones! Well, those blogs that have more than 10 comments or more (yung iba, ako na lang nagparami ng comment, hehe). Most of them have the funniest topics at sabi nga, "napapanahon." Going back to my blogs amused me and realized that in some things, hey, I really have something to say. I won't compare this to those big-time bloggers as Bryanboy or Happy Slip. And here is a list of what I call "blockbusters" and this don't come in a particular order. Check them out again if you like:
  1. Pakornihan Effect - 37 comments
    a collection of text jokes/ pick-up lines.
  2. My Chowking Experience - 15 comments
    I just narrated a not-so-pleasant experience from a food chain
  3. Spreading the Love - 15 comments
    this is about the edited photo of Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby that once spread thru the net
  4. Globe Celfone Scam - 19 comments
    actually, djmyke posted this conversation of him and an agent from a cellular phone network. I transcribed it and I got opinions from other people who happen to receive the same call.
  5. Nanggagala-iti ako - 13 comments
    a story of a consumer who wasn't paying attention to the product he bought. well, lesson learned. nainis pa nga ako sa ibang nag-comments dyan na kala mo kung sinong perfect. hmp!
  6. Ederlyn Series Season 2 - 14 comments
    the continuation of the story of an SMS star.
  7. Inday the Series - 23 comments
    the yaya who is so smart
  8. Filipino American demand for apology from ABC and Desperate Housewives - 29 comments
    Filipino medical practitioners being slapped on national TV.
  9. Paalam Inday - 15 comments
    nagpaparty si Inday. find out how "bongga" it was.
  10. BREAKING NEWS: Desperate Housewives apology over Philippines slur - 13 comments
    the action of a TV series which discriminated a race where they also benefit to.
  11. top ten nakakairitang tao sa mundo - 14 comments
  12. I hate Filipinos errr... FILIPINOS ARE STUPID - 73 comments
    a citizen who disrespected a national symbol.
  13. Ukay pa rin talaga - 17 comments
    I just bought an item and found the best at Ukay!
  14. What's happening to me? - 12 comments
    worried about my health
  15. PUP: Tsinelas Capital of the World - 19 comments
    looking on appropriate get-up in an institution
  16. abangan... - 24 comments
    I confess I tried Hip-Hop Abs. ngayon wala pa ring effect. natigil kasi e. hehehe.
  17. buhayin natin ang mga kabaduyan - 16 comments
    pick-up lines to the max!
  18. kinarma nga ba si Chris Tsuper - 14 comments
    on a radio DJ's confession
  19. OMG I WON - 42 comments
    winning a contest from an event I joined from reading blogs and announcements. Some were not happy for me, I DON'T CARE!
  20. shoes i choose you - 16 comments
    enjoying the prizes I won from the topic above
  21. I've commited a crime - 65 comments
    tuktukan sa ulo si omar! nag-jaywalking kasi!
  22. bakit kasi kelangan naka-block - 14 comments
    complaining in the office
  23. Photoshop Tutorial: Image on Text - 23 comments
    getting techie and squeezing the creative juice.
  24. if i join Survivor Philippines - 14
    some pointers if I join the reality show.

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