February 4, 2008

am i excited or what?

i had in my YM status today that: "10 days before Valentines day." i am not in the pressure of having a partner before it comes but what is it that i am excited about? as many single person would say that they'll be busy on that day, i don't know what's instore for me. it would probably be another routinary day for anyone of us. sabi nga nila, "busy ako" with triple exclamation points just to shut the people up from asking who would be someone's date. besides, it wasn't payday yet so i don't have to spend anything. i think i'll have to go to another route just to get off the mob heading to malls and restaurants. sa bahay na lang ako kakain. we also got some other occasion aside from v-day in our family.

next on the itinerary would be going out of town with mokke peeps. bora here we come! i still don't know how will i spend my 4-day vacation there with all the thoughts going around my head that i will not enjoy bora as some have enjoyed before. we have been to galera last year and it was great. my only worries are the expenses when we stay there. i have bought almost everything i need. i thank visa and mastercard for sponsoring me. hehehe... but i would love to see the bora beach. that would be the thing to love, i guess.

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