January 31, 2008

Which House of Hogwarts do you belong?


Wise. Smart. Clever. Witty.

Bloody Hell! You're a Ravenclaw! (You lucky thing you.)
Although you don't hear about them very much, they're really quite admirable.
Often referred to as the "intelligent" house,
Ravenclaws are clever, witty, and intellectual.
Mind you, don't base your judgement off Miss Cho Chang.
God knows how she made it in.
Ravenclaws are said to be wise and intelligent.
The founder of this house, Rowena Ravenclaw,
prized those "whose intelligence it surest".

Clearly, you must be of some intelligence (so how Chang got in baffles me).
It's very sad that they don't have Ravenclaw in the spotlight.
They don't get nearly enough attention.
Except Cho...stupid trollop.
Well, there's Luna Lovegood. She counts.
Luna shows infinate bravery in the Department of Mysteries,
using her helpful Ravenclaw smarts and wit to aid the group.

But of course, being a newly-discovered Ravenclaw,
you should have already known that, you clever thing.

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