January 3, 2008


I forgot to send my gratitude to these people who gave me special things this past holiday season. I love them all and they are all very useful. Happy Holidays!

  1. alex - mug
  2. rio - tall glass, lalo na sa wallet. kaw pala nakabunot sakin, wala akong kaclue-clue!
  3. leah - bell charm na si jack from Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. jules - post-its
  5. mark - cd
  6. paulo - notebook
  7. adie - swiss knife
  8. lieza - swiss knife din
  9. irvin - calendar
  10. rhia - decorative mug with teddy bear na maliit
  11. arvin - bracelet
  12. sir don - purse na "lacoste"
  1. jeff - for the wallet, froggy purse, and cellphone housing! special ung housing kasi hirap maghanap ng keypad na tutugma dun sa cp ko
  2. ging - coaster
  3. joy - coffee mug
  4. mam pilar - sa perfume
  1. janah - para sa fresh from baguio mong bonnet!
  2. rina - yung stuffed toy. nakadisplay na sya.
ayun, thanks thanks ulet!

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