January 4, 2008

what's happening to me?!

recently hindi ko maintindihan ang mga nangyayari sa akin. just like yesterday, i was rushing to meet my friends at greenbelt 2 to watch a movie. the whole day was just fine, also ung pagpunta ko sa greenbelt was also okay. but nung pagbaba ko ng jeep and after ilang meter walk, there was this pain that i felt from my left thigh down. totally excruciating. then i still managed to walk to fuzion cafe where i will meet my friends. but the feeling was just so abnormal. i tried to hide it and take it lightly but i couldn't stand it. until we reached the ticket counter. i put out some money pero i got weaker and weaker. then i realize my friends transferred to another counter so i followed them. they asked my to decide on our seats and all i can say is, "kayo bahala." then it got dark and slowly i couldn't hear a thing. blurry. my sight and hearing. i was going to collapse i think. they said that i looked so pale and sweaty. i can feel the cold sweat running through my body but i couldn't feel anything. again, all i can see is darkness. we were assisted to go outside so i can get into conciousness. thank God i did. i was drawn to the nearest seat until i get to my senses. my friend gave me something to drink and i felt okay. i got up and said to them that i am okay. i wasn't acting or anything cause im not a good actor. and all of the pranks that i would think, this would be the least. i even insisted that we'd better hurry before the show starts. and during the whole night i was okay.

this not only happened once. it happened during 5th grade when we are busy with gardening and a tool bumped and almost squeezed my ring finger. i fainted and rushed to the clinic. and the second one was when i was in college and i tried to contain my urine and then i got pale again. i knew it was bad to stop it but i couldn't get down to an extablishment because we are along the road. then the last instance was what i just narrated.

i thought of it like, was it because of the weather? the food that i've been taking? or maybe i just need to sweat more. i pray that nothing severe or dangerous will happen to me. pray for me please?

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