September 2, 2023

Director Michael Chaves Invites Fans to "The Nun II"

In a newly released video, “The Nun II” director Michael Chaves shares that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the “The Conjuring” Universe, adding that “The Nun’s” demonic Valak is hands-down his most favorite movie monster of all. He then proceeds to invite all horror fans to watch “The Nun II.”
New Line Cinema brings you the horror thriller “The Nun II,” the next chapter in the story of “The Nun,” the highest grossing entry in the juggernaut $2 billion “The Conjuring” Universe. As a treat to fans of scary movies, “The Nun II” will hold simultaneous midnight screenings in participating cinemas on September 6 (also the film’s opening day). Fans can get their tickets now at
“I'm really excited for audiences to see this movie, and I think that it is nightmarishly scary,” says Michael Chaves in an interview provided by the studio. “I love the theater-going experience, especially with horror movies. Being in a packed theater with friends and strangers is such an incredible and powerful experience. Along with the scares, it is filled with truly unique set pieces and a compelling story that takes characters whom we love further on their journey and into really hard places while making tough choices. The times that I've seen it with an audience have been really special and exciting, and I can't wait for moviegoers to see this film.”
On his fascination with Valak, Chaves shares, “I think that the Demon Nun is one of those iconic movie monsters. I mean, you see it on a poster and it’s like a little bit of a throwback to Dracula. You see a little bit of Pennywise. You see a little Nosferatu. It's so timeless and has such an iconic look. It's one of the ultimate horror movie icons and one of the ultimate movie villains. With this film, I just wanted to take it further. I wanted to explore the manifestations. And I also just wanted to dig more into the story, or at least the myth or the theories, of what its origins could be. I think it's really important to do that, but to never be too specific. I think that part of the mystery and part of not knowing what it is, that’s really powerful. It's what makes it truly scary.”

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