September 6, 2018

THE NUN movie review

Warner Bros. backtracks the story of The Conjuring universe in The Nun, which chronicles the Vatican investigation on the death of a congregation of nuns in a secluded monastery in Romania knowing that a strong evil power breaks free from containment.
The Nun is dominantly dark, evil and a test of faith with lots of jump scares but somehow predictable. Set is amazing and the evil of Valak is really scary but I thought that somehow effects are simpler than The Conjuring movies. Check out the abyss and you won't even dare to take the journey by yourself. It's like there's no higher power can save you from the bad spirit lurking in and you better leave right away as the sisters say.
They injected a few humor to the story which I thought spoiled the who scary experience. But it's nice to see Ed and Lorraine Warren not left out by the end and some familiar faces in The Conjuring universe. Watch The Nun today in theaters near you.

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