September 8, 2023

THE NUN 2 movie review

Last Tuesday, I was really prepared to watch the latest from the demon nun in The Nun 2. Valak returns to bring terror in a new movie from James Wan and Warner Bros. Pictures. I almost forgot that we are watching in IMAX so it will give Valak's biggest face on screen to scare us.
Upon entering the theater, Valak also sets the mood to the moviegoers. She poses to fans and gave those devilish grins and gestures while we snap on our phones. Even the catering by Warner Bros. Philippines and SM Cinema were on theme with black pasta (which I called Goth Spaghetti), brownies, meat balls on tomato sauce and red tea. Valak also went inside the theater with the faceless nuns for a promotional photo op with all of us who will see it first in the Philippines.

The movie in general is a horror feast. Valak has become more creative and brutal in raising terror around her and towards Sis. Irene (Taissa Farmiga). She also challenges the faith of the protagonist as producer James Wan wants to approach this from the first installment, which has become a consuming power for Valak.

Speaking of being brutal, Valak and those she possesses give an unimaginable pain and suffering to those she murders. You can vividly remember the possessions and paranormal manifestations and how solid the attacks and bloodshed are. The jump scares were expected but still are thrilling and pareidolia can also haunt you even after seeing the movie. 

Examples of pareidolia in The Nun 2 are two of my favorite scenes.
I love how they did it with the magazines that were blown by air forming the image of Valak. It was so creatively done.
Valak's image on the wall somehow tells the characters that evil is living with them.
Saint Lucy's life / legend is also the subject of the movie. A version different from what I know but it says that holiness will save us from evil. It had a beautiful stitch on the movie and somehow gives the power of returning to faith. Even Sis. Debra's (Storm Reid) faith was even challenge but conversion came to her in the time she least expected and eventually believing in a miracle.

The Nun 2 is really one for the books. You have to stay till the end as it weaves the connection of The Nun in The Conjuring universe. We are also introduced on how the movies are connected and telling the story chronologically. The Nun 2 is now showing in theaters nationwide.

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