October 28, 2022

LG’s 54” Videowall is the Perfect Control Room Solution

Make a statement guaranteed to leave the right impression with LG’s LED Bloc. The massive 54” videowall, the recipient of numerous design awards such as IDEA and Red Dot, combines innovation and simplicity. It provides a host of indoor applications and sets the standard for what commercial displays should be.

The biggest innovation of the 54” LG LED Bloc is the application of cableless transmission technology with non connectors. For up to UHD resolution with the 16:9 ratio, it does not require a cable connection between the cabinets to supply signal and power. Its block assembly design makes the LSAC series easier to install than before.There’s no need for additional signal cables that add clutter and confusion to your setup.
The LG 54” video wall is also sleek and sits flush to the wall. Unlike LCD video walls, the LSAC series is truly bezel-free, so audiences can focus on visual content in its entirety without any bezel interference between displays.

Since the LSAC series is EMC Class B certified, it can be used anywhere, even up close and personal. Therefore, it is suitable for up-close uses such as corporate meeting rooms, board rooms, etc.Aside from low electromagnetic emissions, it saves power when on standby as well. When there is no input signal for a period of time, the screen turns off and the main circuit parts inside the LED cabinet go to a standby mode. This saves additional power consumption and enables the product to be reactivated simply by using a remote control.The OS of the display is also compatible with LG software solutions including SuperSign CMS, LED Assistant, and ConnectedCare, which help customers operate their own business flawlessly.
For more information regarding LG’s commercial display solutions, visit the LG website at https://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-displays. You may also follow LG’s social media pages on Facebook (@LGPhilippines) and Instagram (@lgphilippines).

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