August 2, 2022

BULLET TRAIN movie review

A film based on the book of Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train gives a wonderful and energetic ride that takes us into a high-speed tour of emotions as well. You can't make a full stop as Brad Pitt and his co-stars present an explosive movie set in modern day Japan.
Ladybug (Brad Pitt) hopes to make a peaceful ride inside the bullet train but accidentally gets on collision with determined assassins with connected and conflicting objectives.
The most similar movie I can think of Bullet Train is Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. It doesn't hold back on showing the slices, gunshots and blood that almost get out of the screen. But David Leitch assures you that there'll be more. What I love about the movie is that it's injected with dark humor and unexpected twists that you will be hooked from start to finish. Glad that Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Brian Tyree-Henry and more pulled of jokes and sinister banters that earns them love and compassion from the audience, at least for me. While I knew that Brad leads the movie, the other characters are lovable to hate.

Colors are so neon almost hypnotizing you to like the movie more aside from giving authentic Japanese vibes. Hot pink, lemon yellow and all you can associate a real Tokyo visual would probably present. Kudos to the production designer for doing a great job.
Bullet Train offers more surprises while it gives great action. There are also cameos that you wouldn't expect to be included which added to the flair that makes it unforgettable. You can't afford a blink of an eye when it's released in theaters August 10, 2022.

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