July 21, 2022

THE GRAY MAN movie review

Netflix's The Gray Man features two of our favorite actors, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, throwing punches, kicks and bullets in this high-octane action flick.
Ryan Gosling_The Gray Man
Ryan Gosling plays Six, an ex-convict chosen by the CIA that eventually triggered a worldwide manhunt against him before exposing a top secret information. And to protect a young girl from the group of assassins lead by Lloyd (Chris Evans) who are also in quest for him.

The Gray Man is a film with a simple plot but you'll be served with action-packed sequences. Ryan Gosling could have made his audition as 007 (but he had an inside joke that this was already taken so he chose "Six") because of his intense stunts. From parks to train, even underwater, Gosling has proven his versatility as an actor. Evans was also an effective villain, creating a new page to his portfolio. Also Ana De Armas really goes by her name with her strong kicks and punches in this movie.
Ana De Armas_The Gray Man

Chris Evans_The Gray Man

The Russo Brothers really did well with The Gray Man that is good for both streaming and theater platforms. We're missing a lot of action movies nowadays so The Gray Man is a great movie to watch on. Grab your popcorns as it streams on Netflix July 22.

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