May 24, 2022

A weekend of kite-flying at Amiya Raya

I've spent my birthday a different way this year. This time, I wanted to try the outdoors and go back to my childhood by reliving the memories of kite flying. Kite flying bring back a lot of memories of learning to create one, running freely to the open fields, and successfully launching it up in the sky and witness its majestic glory above you.

Photo courtesy of Amiya Raya

Community Creators Inc. has invited guests and homeowners to their kite flying weekend last May 22 at the Amiya Raya in San Mateo, Rizal. The place was the perfect spot to enjoy kite flying and it was a perfect family bonding activity. The clear skies and perfect wind, adding a spectacular view of the Metro Manila skyline match the relaxing topography at the top. Aside from kite flying, the Kite Association of the Philippines made it more fun by exhibiting their traditional and modern kites and taught the participants how to make one.

To make it more exciting, Amiya Raya has given special prizes to those who were able to launch first and to the last kite flying in the sky. Who knew this could be a sport right?

Ms. Camille, Marketing of Amiya Raya with Mr. Orly Ongkingco of Kite Association of the Philippines with the winners of the kite flying festival.

After the event, Mr. Orly Ongkingco, founder of the Kite Association of the Philippines and Deputy Director of the ASEAN Kite Association, shared to us a brief history of the kite flying tradition and his mission to keep it alive. Inspired of strengthening the bond of the family and paving the way for children to enjoy the outdoors again through this activity made him push to explore other cultures and even participate in Asian Air Safari's Weekend of Everything that Flies, which also carries the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. He shared that kites are different from many countries but the values of passing it from generation to generation has been the same. He encourages everyone, especially millennials and Gen Z's to take a look back on the fun at the outdoors and experience nature and be more sociable through kite flying.
Photo by Amiya Raya
Amiya Raya has a lot more in-store for us the whole year so check out their Facebook page for upcoming exciting activities at the top for the whole family. 

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