March 1, 2022

THE BATMAN movie review

The Batman movie will be out on March 2 so you have to get your tickets in advance. While we have a new caped crusader in Robert Pattinson, right now we have to applaud him in his performance as Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight.

Slowly parting from the "animated" presentation in the comics, The Batman gets the villains into darker and less kid-friendly costumes but still they are distinguished as Batman's enemies. The villains were established not just as Batman's enemies but of society that were corrupted of their freedom and resources. The movie strongly talks about each character's struggles which gave them their reasons to disturb Gotham. 

And then I did not realize that this is Colin Farrell. Great job on the make up!

The Batman also revealed a different Robert Pattinson. This opened up a new element and something that I've never seen before. So deep and serious but really sends the feels. Somehow you may be able to connect to his character than the previous ones. WB also made some deliberate tweaks on the character that worked well. No fanfares on his costume and Batmobile and you're really in for the story.

The Batman opens in theaters, March 2. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures PH. Follow #TheBatman on social media for more updates.

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