March 22, 2022

A tour in Villa Bridgerton

Dearest Reader,

It is a bright sunny day for the invited guests on this exclusive rendezvous, and the venue of Villa Bridgerton is completely set up and adorned with splendid trinkets and ornaments for this special occasion.

In this grand mansion in Broadway Ave, New Manila. We are treated as lords and ladies, welcomed with a refreshing beverage with scrumptious flavors to cool down from the scorching heat. We also tried to ride the carriage that is parked before the entrance and had a moment for some photographs taken. The friendly footmen were on standby and ready to open the doors to the opulent world inside the mansion.

Upon entering, we saw the grandiose interiors and glistening chandeliers at the living room where a quartet plays a unique arrangement of a familiar tune. The couches are neat and spotless, that the host really did well on the preparations for his guests.

The host is no other than Justine Luzares, a Tiktok influencer who earned his fame for his Marites skits online. To his delight, he welcomed all of us to have a tour around the mansion and appreciate and feel the lavish surroundings that we're witnessing. All the preparations usher to the newest exciting thing that will happen this Friday, March 25, the premiere of Bridgerton Season 2 only on Netflix.

Justine Luzares

As we explore the chambers of the mansion, the dining room also a feast, to the eyes and to the palate. Cakes, scones, macarons with fruits and more desserts are for appreciation. It will be an ideal place for guests to have a chat over candlelit feast whilst enjoying the comfortable life.

Going upstairs is a gallery of portraits of the Bridgertons, Featheringtons and the new family to know which are the Sharmas. It leads to the spacious Bridgerton bedroom wherein a queen-size bed awaits. A small closet that contains the Bridgertons' gowns can also be seen. The Duke of Hastings would love a collection of books available to read.

After we enjoyed the indoors, we were invited to the garden for some refreshments and entertainment. The buffet spread is something that many of the guests missed. It was a peaceful lunch under the trees and breeze and also a great opportunity to meet new acquaintances. In the end, this experience at Villa Bridgerton is something that will be most cherished, also a fantasy that you don't want to end.

Dear reader, Netflix also invites everyone to take their steps inside Villa Bridgerton. Online reservation is free at until slots last. The host also suggested that you check out the premiere of Bridgerton Season 2 starting this Friday, March 25, only on Netflix.

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