February 8, 2022

Nicole Laurel finds "The One"

A range of rock and jazz mixed with musical vocals mixed are in for the Nicole Laurel's new collaboration in The One, with upcoming band Basically Saturday Night coming into different online platforms this February 11.

The original composition is a simple expression between two people who have shed their uncertainties and given themselves entirely to their one true love. The message of the song intends for people to continue seeking, cherishing and living for their own interpretation of “The One”.

Their shared appreciation of the soul and jazz music clicked on the production of the song and makes it the beginning of more great things to come. 

In the birth of the new genre called Modern Soul Music, “The One” has beautiful vocal melodies that represent Nicole’s love for modern soul singers like Emily King, it has sonic textures that tip the hat to Mayer’s “Continuum” album, and it also weaves together the group’s love for soul music from the past.” according to Junoy Manalo, Basically Saturday Night's guitarist.

The One is set to be released under Warner Music Philippines with a music video directed by award winning director Gorio Vicuna will be released by the end of February 2022.

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