November 20, 2021

The magical family of Encanto

December opens a lot of magic and the land of Encanto has it all. Disney introduces the magical Madrigal family and their abilities. Hailing from Colombia, Mirabel and her family are in for a magical adventure.

The matriarch Abuela knows all of the magic and the history of their casita. The big sister, Luisa is super strong, and the little boy Antonio has the ability to speak to animals. Pretty Isabela can grow flowers to beautify their place and Pepa knows how to control the weather.


Mirabel's mother Julieta can heal with food, Dolores can hear everything (which is a good ability to eavesdrop), and Camilo can transform into anything with his shapeshifting power.

Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo and more lend their voice to bring these characters to life with songs created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Encanto will soon be in theaters, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

And there's another member of the family. He is Bruno, but I cannot talk about him yet here. Just watch it in theaters. ;)

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