November 29, 2021

PhilStagers goes to the movies with Katips

In a very appropriate time while the Philippines is nearing its national elections in 2022, we are constantly reminded to check a candidate's personal, educational and political background so that we can choose wisely in the polls. We are also being fed with lots of information from history to check if we have learned something, whether it's a mistake or an achievement that made us who we are today.

Vince Tanada and the ensemble of Katips Movie

PhilStager's Films and director Vince Tañada gives us the movie version of Katips -- a musical play that narrates the life of students and activists during Martial Law. Students have displayed their strong will fighting for human rights and against tyranny during the Marcos era. They also have been the subject to military oppression and torture that is unimaginable to this day. If today's generations speaks about being woke, Vince Tañada and the rest of the cast who have experienced that era are all willing to testify and oppose what might undesirable thing would happen in the future if an unfit candidate will be declared in the position.

Katips' storyline is a mixture of emotions at the same time trying to inform audiences about history. And the creative team of Katips and PhilStagers ensured that the story reaches out the right audience to understand the message. While it was a depressing time for the students during Martial Law, it also gives a message of hope, truth and a call for unity and justice.

Katips is 2016 Best Musical Performance in the Aliw Awards that year. This year, it is joined by actors and displaced artists who have the same objective and have put great efforts to give a strong message in protection of freedom. Cast includes Jerome Ponce, Vince Tañada, Mon Confiado, Johnrey Rivas, Lou Veloso, Nicole Laurel Asensio, Adelle Ibarrientos, Sachzna Laparan, Joshua Bulot, Vean Olmedo, Carla Lim, Patricia Ismael, Dexter Doria, Afi Africa, OJ Arci, Ricky Brioso, and Liam Tanare. With guests Dindo Arroyo, JP Lopez, Bernard Laxa and Nelson Mendoza.

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