November 30, 2021

Back-to-Back Music Experience of 1MX Dubai 2021 and 1MX Manila 2021

The countdown is on to the first ever live event to be staged by ABS-CBN since the pandemic forced the world to a standstill from March 2020, and there is a shared excitement felt worldwide, as global audiences get ready for “1MX Dubai” and “1MX Manila” happening on December 3, 2021.

At the recent global media conference held for the back-to-back music extravaganza, press and bloggers from different regions around the world had a very spirited exchange during the Q&A, a sign that the public has been yearning for a live show from their longtime favorite artists and from the fast-rising new performers.

Nino Llanera of MYX (top right) with AC Bonifacio (top left) and (bottom L-R) Edward Barber and BGYO.

Moira dela Torre shares that there was so much fear since the pandemic. She adds that “We didn’t even know if this day was going to come, but here we are, elevated and filled with hope. And I am so excited to see our Kapamilyas in Dubai.”

For many of the artists, the past 20 months have given them much to reflect on, to be grateful for, and time to hone their craft further.

Bamboo (right) shares with Lambert Parong of Balitang New York (left) lessons from the pandemic and how he continues to create music.

Pinoy rock icon, Bamboo, says that the pandemic has made him more appreciative of a lot of things in life. Right now, he wants to “reclaim what we have lost. It’s been a couple of years and I think it’s time we got back on track as a people and as a country, as well. So, game on.”

Music is also an important way to convey the realities of life. According to rapper-composer Kritiko, “Pag gumagawa ako ng kanta, gusto ko maiba ako sa lahat. Gusto ko sabihin yung totoong nangyayari pero hindi kaya sabihin ng iba. Ako po yung nagiging boses nila.” (When I write songs, I want to be different. I want to show what is happening in real life that others cannot express. I get to be their voice.)

Filipino American rapper EZ Mil asserts that one must cultivate new ideas all the time. He says, “Everybody is scrolling through their phones trying to look for something new. So, if you have an idea that is so out of the box or NBD – never been done – go for it.”

Albert Bataclan of TFC News (top left) asks AC Bonifacio (top right) and EZ Mil (bottom) about the mentoring process among the veteran musicians towards the younger performers in preparation for the show.

Filipino artists continue to innovate, not just for Filipino audiences, but for the rest of the world. Bamboo underlines the importance of bringing Filipino music through 1MX Dubai and 1MX Manila to feel that sense of community in the world. “We’re going to give a piece of ourselves for this show. We are trying to boost spirits up, especially in this time of the holidays. It’s time to get people ready again, our hearts pumping again.”

Catch Bamboo, Moira dela Torre, EZ Mil, Gigi de Lana, BINI, and BGYO at 1MX Dubai 2021.

Featured artists for 1MX Manila 2021 are: AC Bonifacio, Angela Ken, Carlo Bautista, Fana, Jayda, Jeremy G, Kritiko, Lian Kyla, Nameless Kids, Sab, and Trisha Denise.

Do not miss this back-to-back music fest: 1MX Dubai 2021 happening at the Trade Centre Arena in Dubai World Trade Centre; and 1MX Manila 2021 streaming LIVE worldwide (except UAE) via

1MX Dubai 2021 and 1MX Manila 2021 are brought to you by TFC, ABS-CBN Music, One Music PH, and Myx, together with DJMC Events, Camella Homes, and Philippine Airlines.

Tickets are still available at Click here to watch the full global media conference.

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